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Get original music 
custom-made to tell your story.
Enhance the emotion of your storytelling with an engaging original score.


The right score can add layers of depth to any scene. Working with filmmakers to enhance emotion or tension is a critical part of music composition.


Sound dEsign

Visuals are only half of the experience. Any film or video game can benefit immeasurably from thoughtfully-edited sound.

production audio

Want to save yourself time and money? Hire a mixer who knows what matters, but also how to work with you and your crew.

Film Scores
No no on'nanoko (Short Film)Ryan Baker
Jane (Western Short Film)Ryan Baker
McClauskie (Western Short Film)Ryan Baker
Auxilium (Zombie Short Film)Ryan Baker
Mutant (Zombie Action Scene)Ryan Baker
The FlashbackRyan Baker & Alexander Patterson
Writer's Block Jazz (Short Film)Jamison Jackson & Ryan Baker
Memories From Huntingdon Hill - The Fire (Short Film)Jamison Jackson & Ryan Baker
Fishing Wire (Short Film)Jamison Jackson & Ryan Baker
Other media
Drift (Adventure Series)Ryan Baker
Refugees (Feature Documentary)Ryan Baker
La Rendición (Short Film)Ryan Baker
Enduring Light (Audio Drama)Ryan Baker
Adventurer's Respite (Web Series)Ryan Baker
Minibite Fite (Mobile Game Theme)Ryan Baker
Film scoring demo reel

About Me

I'm Ryan Baker, a film & media composer based out in Atlanta, GA

I was born and raised in the small town of Clear Spring, Maryland. When I was in middle school, my parents got me a small digital video camera, and my friends and I spent our free time making videos about pretty much anything that came to mind. This fostered my interest in film, but also fueled my passion for animation. In high school, I began to focus more on music, particularly acoustic guitar and vocals. I ended up graduating from a technical high school, with a graphic design and media specialization. After some deliberation, I decided to further my education by studying musical technology.

But something didn't click. The first two years of college were a time of uncertainty -- was this really what I wanted to do for the rest of my life? I became friends with a group of filmmakers who were studying cinematic arts, and we began to make videos for different projects around campus. Working with these filmmakers (mostly setting up cameras, positioning lights, and holding microphones), allowed me to rediscover my love for video production. By the end of my sophomore year, I even considered going to film school. Before I could make the decision, I attended an end-of-the-year event for the school of music, where the dean announced a new degree program: film scoring. I immediately changed my major, and in the last four years I have worked on over thirty film projects.

My passion is creating content, and working with different artists and designers to help tell their stories through music is a thrill. I'm always looking for new projects, but also new ways to collaborate. You can find my contact info below -- let's make something together!



Thanks! Message sent.

For more information on original music for your film, series, or video game, leave a message and I'll get back to you soon!
If you're in the Atlanta area, I'm also available to meet for consultation and face-to-face discussions.
Thanks so much for your time. Let's make something!
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